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5 Best Dog Backpack Reviews in 2023 | Carriers for Trips, Outings and Air Travel

Do you own a little furry friend and are thinking of going hiking, going on a trip, or any outdoor adventure? Nowadays you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog behind anymore!

Dog backpack carriers are designed to be lightweight and fashionable, they not only carry your dog comfortably, but have enough extra space for food, water bottles, and other supplies.

There are all different types of dog backpacks and they come in different sizes. This wide range of choices might make choosing the right backpack for your companion challenging. Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Choosing the best dog backpack carrier doesn’t have to be stress-filled. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best dog backpack carriers currently available on the market today!

Best Dog Backpack Reviews

1. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack – Best Overall

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack is designed with the dog and dog’s parent’s convenience at heart.

This dog backpack prioritizes free airflow since the design permits proper ventilation. Ease of access is guaranteed with the two-way entry system. A mesh window with zip access gives space for more headroom and allows visibility.

The interior is also designed with comfort in mind. The Sherpa fabric lining means your dog can feel warm and cozy. It also contains enough space for easy movement.

The exterior is strongly and tightly structured in order to prevent collapse or snapping. It also comes with safety belts and chest straps to ensure the dog’s backpack stays firmly in place and to prevent the dog from escaping or slipping out. 

The shoulder pads come with super thick padding for maximum comfort. Bonuses of side and front pouches are included for snacks or treats as well as a collapsible bowl to keep the dog hydrated. 

Extra belts on the waist and chest mean you can spread the weight of the dog backpack around evenly. 

Made from a super fine and durable 60D high-grade polyester material, this dog backpack is available in different colors and a range of sizes.


  • Safety belts and features
  • Ample space
  • Ease of access
  • Durable
  • Extra pouches 
  • Collapsible bowl
  • Strong and comfortable
  • Airline approved
  • Well ventilated


  • On the heavier side

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2. Morpilot Dog Backpack Carrier – Best Accessorised

The Morpilot Dog Backpack Carrier is designed with comfortability in mind. It’s perfect for hiking trips and vehicle or airplane trips.

A quadruple-sided mesh design guarantees maximum airflow for your dog. It’s also a great option for anxious dogs as they can see outside through the reflective strip openings.

The top is designed to open up to allow your dog to stick their head out. It also comes with a sunshade to prevent sun exposure and sunburn. This sunshade can also be folded to provide extra ventilation.

This dog backpack is made from a quality eco-friendly polyester material which is great both for your dog and the environment. 

A shoulder, chest, and waist adjustable strap ensures that you can evenly distribute their body weight and comfortably carry your dog in the backpack without putting pressure on your shoulders or back. 

An inner seat belt keeps your dog in check when the top is opened. The top, bottom, and front zippers have locks to keep your dog from escaping. 

A washable and removable 2-sided bottom means you can choose your preferred side and also conveniently wash and clean the other side. 

It comes with bonuses of extra side pockets for water bottles and a foldable dog bowl


  • Great ventilation 
  • Comfortable 
  • Safety belts and lockable zippers
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable and washable sturdy base 
  • Leash attachment
  • Top carry handle
  • Variety of sizes


  • 44 pound weight limit

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3. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack – Best Design

The Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack is appealing to the eye due to its expandable and collapsible design. This will give you more space and room for your dog during your overnight trips!

A frontal mesh window guarantees ventilation and sightseeing, while a 3 sided acrylic sheet design with holes is perfect for light transmission.

Made from lightweight, breathable, non-toxic, and durable material, this dog backpack is environmentally friendly and easy to assemble. 

Adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure that your dog’s weight is distributed evenly. Double-sided removable bottom pads ensure that they can stay warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer.

It comes with 2 extra storage pockets for disposables, dog collars, keys, wallets, mobile phones, or dog treats. It also comes in several colors.

This backpack is not only perfect for all four seasons, but it’s anti-scratch and waterproof with a bottom safety belt for extra protection!\


  • Scratch and waterproof
  • Expandable and collapsible
  • Great ventilation 
  • Light transmission
  • Chemical free
  • Durable
  • Summer and winter removable bottom pads


  • A little unstable during walks
  • 33 pound weight limit

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4. COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack – Most Spacious

The COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack comes with an expandable rear design. This allows the inner space to be doubled to ensure more comfort and better air circulation.

The backpack’s structure is sturdy and reinforced to keep the backpack from collapsing on your dog. Thick and comfortable padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry for shorter hikes with your dog.

This dog backpack is made of high-quality and durable Oxford cloth and is accessible from 4 entrances. The front and back and both sides. 

Ventilation and visibility are important features of this backpack. A large and transparent acrylic window means your dog can enjoy the same sights you do. 3 mesh side windows with 9 holes guarantee a free flow of air and adequate circulation.

A chest and waist belt guarantees extra protection for your dog and even weight distribution and stability. An inner belt also keeps them firmly in place especially when the top cover is opened.

What We Like

  • 4 entrances accessibility
  • 360° airflow
  • Transparent window
  • Expandable and collapsible space
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Travel perfect
  • Non-Slip bottom

What We Don’t Like

  • Scratchable material
  • Length and weight sensitive

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5. Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier – Best Budget

The Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier was essentially designed for small dogs. Ample inner space for comfort pairs with an inner breathable and scratch-free mesh material.

Made from high-quality leather, mesh, and soft rubber, it’s abrasion and scratch-resistant. Your dog can’t tear through it with sharp nails.

It comes with a 3-way entry including the top pad that can be rolled up for extra airflow and light circulation. The backpack is foldable which makes it suitable for shorter hikes too.

A strong and comfortable base for your dog means they can enjoy sitting through the flight, hike, or long-distance walks. It’s also easily removable and washable for long use.

A complimentary chest buckle shares the weight and support alongside thick shoulder pads for easy carriage. 

Made from quality material, this backpack is fashioned to be long-lasting and durable giving great value for money.

Things We Like

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Well ventilated
  • Breathable scratch free material
  • Affordable and durable
  • Spacious
  • Foldable

Things We Don't Like

  • Weak inner belt

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Who Needs a Dog Backpack Carrier?

It’s normal to wonder if it’s worth it when you come across a dog accessory either in a store or on the internet. You’re probably wondering if your dog needs a backpack carrier and instances where it can come in handy.

When it comes to owning a backpack for dogs, if you or your dog falls into any of these categories then it’s a worthy investment.

Outdoor Dog Parents

If you love to go on camping trips or travel a lot, then adding a dog backpack to your hiking dog gear will come in handy.

Shelter Homes

Some dogs found in shelter homes are sometimes sick, disabled, or suffering from trauma. Being able to experience the outdoors comfortably can be helpful to their recovery process.

Flight Purposes

Dog backpacks are great for flights. They’re designed to have ample space and more than enough ventilation to keep your dog comfy and safe. They also come with safety belts.

best dog backpack

How to Choose the Best Dog Backpack Carrier

Dog backpacks aren’t just fashionable items to show off your dogs and their taste. That’s why we have compiled the best dog backpacks on the market!

Now let’s talk about how to choose the best and the most important features to look out for:

Spacial Capacity and Measurement

The main point of buying a dog backpack carrier is their comfort and ease. It is important to measure the length and weight of your dog before picking out a suitable backpack carrier.

It is also important to consider how much room they have left for leg stretches and movement to avoid cramps or injuries. 

Made for Dogs

While some backpack carriers are suitable for both dogs and cats depending on their size, it is best to choose a backpack designed especially for dogs. 

This way you can be sure that they have enough padding for their comfort and that the safety belts can support a dog’s weight and size.

Quality Materials

Dogs’ backpack carriers are made out of several different materials including breathable mesh and polyester. These materials are sometimes eco-friendly too depending on the brand.

Some dog backpack carriers contain traces of chemicals or toxic materials. It’s best to check thoroughly before choosing one.

Support and Comfortability

Just as with your regular human backpack, padded shoulder straps are the best and most comfortable. It counts for extra comfort when these shoulder straps are adjustable and strong too.

Safety belts around the waist and chest can also help improve even weight distribution. A sturdy base with smooth inner seams improves comfort and ensures your dog suffers no injury.

Ventilation and Visibility

Ventilation is one of the most important features of a dog backpack carrier. There should be enough headroom for the dog and proper air circulation to avoid suffocation.

See-through windows are also helpful as they provide light and ensure your dog can enjoy the scenery too. This is especially helpful for dogs who suffer from anxiety.


Your need for a dog backpack carrier also influences your choice. There are several dog backpack carriers suitable for several functions such as hiking, camping trips, or flights.

Some come with wheels for easy movement while others are equipped with several pouches and pocket spaces for treats and hydration bottles, or dog clothes and other products. Some even have collapsible dog bowls and leash attachments.


Your budget is perhaps the most important and main factor when choosing a backpack carrier. It’s best to research good brands with the best features within your budget.


The main reason for purchasing a dog backpack carrier is for the dog to enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, it’s important to choose a backpack carrier that can withstand water splashes or rainfall.

Final Thoughts

The best dog backpack carriers are designed with the safety and comfort of a dog in mind and there are several brands on the market with different options to fulfill your dog’s traveling needs

These backpack carriers don’t have to be boring as they come in different sizes and colors. Prices also don’t undermine the value and durability as there are budget backpack carriers with great features. 

If we had to choose one dog backpack from our list, it would be the PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for its functionality, lightweight, durability, ease of use, and overall design.

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