why does my dog whine when playing with toys

Why Does My Dog Whine When Playing With Toys? What to Know

Dogs are curious creatures. When they get bored, they can become destructive or begin to whine for attention. Why does my dog whine when playing with toys? This is a question that many people ask themselves at some point in their life. 

It’s not an easy question to answer since so many different factors contribute to the behavior. Understanding why your dog whines while playing will help you determine how best to encourage and manage this behavior.

Why Do Dogs Cry at Squeaky Toys?

Squeaky toys are an excellent way to keep your pet entertained and happy, but why does my dog whine when playing with toys?

  1. Maternal Instinct: The first reason dogs may cry at squeaky toys is that it triggers the maternal instinct in female dogs. If you’ve ever had a baby or been around one, this behavior should be familiar as babies make similar noises that squeak toys produce. This is one of the reasons why your dog may whine while playing with squeak toys.
  2. Nesting Behavior: The second reason why your dog whines when playing with toys is nesting behavior. Dogs will often make similar noises to their offspring while they’re in the nest, so it can be seen as a way for dogs to replicate this feeling and bring back memories of what it felt like having pups around.

These two reasons why dogs whine at squeaky toys may help you understand why your pup makes these sounds.

why does my dog whine when playing with toys

The Root Cause of The Behavior of Dogs Whining at Toys

Dogs whine at toys for many reasons. One is the dog’s maternal instinct, where the dog thinks it’s caring for its litter and will carry around stuffed animals or other toys as babies. Another reason dogs may cry at squeaky toys could be that they’re too young to know how to play with them properly. As a result, they get frustrated, but this doesn’t last long.

Normal behavior that can often result from frustration due to lack of playing experience would just be whining until another animal or person teaches her how to play correctly by taking over the toy themselves. This way, she gets what she wants without having to learn herself first!

Should This Behavior Be Encouraged?

It’s not good to encourage this behavior because, while it might get her what she wants in the short term, it will only worsen the overall problem. If your dog whines at toys frequently, even after you’ve tried teaching them how to play correctly, take them to a veterinarian for an evaluation!

They may need more exercise or are simply bored, leading to destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture and other household items instead of their toys. The squeaky noise coming from the toy could also indicate that something has gone wrong with the toy itself. It would be best if you took care of any issues right away, so they don’t become worse over time!

You may love to pamper your furry friend, but don’t encourage the behavior. It might seem cute initially, but it will only worsen and lead to much bigger problems than just whining at toys! For example, they could resort to attention-seeking whining at you for things like food when the toy isn’t working.

They might even start howling and barking if their cute little whine doesn’t work anymore! All in all, you should take care of any issues with your dog’s toys right away, so this behavior doesn’t get worse over time.

How to Stop Your Dog From Whining at Toys

  1. You can purchase new toys to see if they’re the reason why your dog is whining. This will help to determine why your dog is whining when playing with toys. You can also take away the toy you’re using and see if they stop whining when nothing is in sight. If this behavior doesn’t change, it could be because of anxiety, boredom, or possessiveness when it comes to their favorite toys.
  2. If you’ve recently changed what type of toy your dog plays with, it may be why he’s acting this way. It could also be a dental issue so consider brushing their teeth daily and checking for any damage or loose fillings in between cleanings from the vet!
  3. Is it due to a lack of mental stimulation? If so, you can try a puzzle toy or hide their food around the house for them to hunt and search out!  If it’s due to obsessive behavior, you can try exercising your dog more throughout the day or simply play with them for more extended periods.
  4. Are they teething? In this case, give them something safe like deer antler chews, allowing them to chew but not destroy anything in your home. It’s also great at keeping teeth clean as well as satisfying that chewing instinct dogs have naturally!
  5. Some dogs do whine excessively because they’re bored – just like some kids act up from being cooped inside too much. Consider taking him on more walks throughout the day and playtime outdoors instead of indoors.


Why does my dog whine when playing with toys?

Whining at toys is a normal behavior in animals, especially for puppies. It can happen because they’re too young to play with them properly, resulting in frustration, but this doesn’t last long. It can also occur because they’re not getting enough attention or exercise, so you should take them on walks throughout the day. 

The next time you wonder why your dog whines while playing, look to the solutions in our blog to give your friend some relief. Your dog deserves all the pampering and love you can provide, but there are behaviors you need to know how to control in order to take care of the dog’s mental well-being, too. 

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