can dogs eat dates

Can Dogs Eat Dates?

The more we like our pets, the more we want to treat them with good and healthy food, but unfortunately, human treats are not always good for a dog’s diet. For instance, can dogs eat dates or not? 

Most of the nutrients in dates are carbs, in addition to some minerals, vitamins, calcium, and fiber. The latter plays an important role in everyday diet, both for humans and dogs alike. 

Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables should only be used as a supplement to a dog’s diet and that their nutrition should come from high-quality pet meals rather than human food. Too many of these meals can be dangerous for their health – they can disturb their digestive system and lead to diarrhea and upset stomach.

In this blog, you’ll see that even if your pup is not facing any stomach issues after eating many dates, giving him too many is still not a good idea because too much sugar leads to weight gain, dental problems, and diabetes. If your dog is suffering from obesity or diabetes, this fruit should be avoided. 

Benefits of Dates for Your Dog

Dates will not provide dogs with high-quality dog food unless they are deficient in fiber. The extra fiber helps them feel fuller for longer, reducing the urge to dig through the trash or beg for food.

Dates aren’t unhealthy for your dog if given as a treat sometimes, but don’t make them a daily habit. For proper nutrition, your dog just requires high-quality food. 

Dates are also high in calcium, iron, proteins, manganese, potassium, copper, and magnesium, making them an excellent source of energy.

While dogs require a balanced diet, it is also important to vary their food options from time to time. Fruits are a good alternative for domestic dogs, as well as wild ones!

Did Your Dog Eat Too Many Dates?

Dates are a great treat unless your dog is allergic to them. It doesn’t matter what your dog eats or how well he is cared for as long as he is healthy. 

While dates are a good source of nutrients, they’re also high in sugar, so you shouldn’t offer them too many! Giving your dog too many dates may be harmful and have a terrible effect on their blood sugar levels.

Dates are also high in dietary fiber, which can lead to an upset stomach and nausea if your dog consumes too much. People should give dates to their dogs as an occasional treat and not as part of their daily diet.

Your dog may also face blood pressure issues, causing hyperactivity, thirst, weight gain, red eyes, and, in most serious cases, unwillingness to eat. 

How Many Dates a Dog Can Eat?

Your dog can get all the nourishment he needs from his everyday meal, so offering him a date or two is just an extra treat. Feed dates to dogs in modest amounts to see how they react and to minimize any bad responses or digestive issues.

The main problem with dates is the piles of sugar inside them. A solitary date weighs around 25g, yet it contains around 16g of sugar! 

The number of dates to give your dog will mostly depend on his age, size, breed, food sensitivities, and health, so keep this in mind before feeding him. Even an exceptionally huge dog ought to just eat a single pitted date, all things considered.

A small breed like Yorkies should not have anything else than a quarter a date. Furthermore, the date should always be hollowed.

If Your Dog Eats Too Many Dates

  • Contact your vet.
  • Take your dog out for standard bathroom trips. Those dates will agitate the stomach, and you don’t need that in your home. 
  • Urge your dog to set down and unwind while the pain from date ingestion passes. 
  • Comfort your dog when they have an upset stomach. 
  • Take them outside to consume off the additional energy.

Train Your Dog to Eat Dates

Start by giving your dog a limited portion and see how his system reacts. Dates are typically allergen-free and safe to eat, but it’s always good to be cautious. Before giving your dog a large number, make sure he or she enjoys them.

Use the portion control strategy if your dog will not stop eating dates. If you’re feeding him commercial dog food and he also wants all the dates, be sure the amount listed on the package corresponds to its ideal weight. 

There are situations when the recommended dosage is more than your dog requires. Your veterinarian can help you figure out how much to feed when your dog is also eating too many dates in addition to his commercial food.

Dogs, like people, need and enjoy “stress eating.” Feeding dates to your dog will cheer them up when they’re feeling depressed. 

Dates Are Not Toxic

If your dog has mistakenly eaten dates and you’re desperately searching for a solution on the internet, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

The most important thing to watch out for is whether the pit is out of date. When a dog bites into a date with a pit inside, it can lead to dental health issues such as a broken tooth.

Worse, if the dog eats the pit there is a risk of choking or intestinal obstructions. While this may not happen easily, it’s important to keep an eye on it. 

As with any meal, you must ensure that your dog reacts favorably to it. There is always a chance of an allergic response or your dog may simply not like the food.

Fortunately, dates are not known to be allergens due to their high antioxidant content, but this does not imply that every dog will be immune to an allergic reaction. Hence, you should feed your dog modest portions of the fruit and see how it reacts.

Things to Remember Before Feeding Dates

It is rare for dogs to be allergic to dates, but always have a check and balance while treating your dog with dates, and make sure there are no side effects.

You should always avoid feeding dates with pits in them, as this can cause choking and intestinal blockage. 

Dates are full of fiber, which is useful for your dog’s stomach-related framework and keeps their bowel movements in check. It also takes care of the great bacterial organisms in their stomach.

Potassium helps the dog’s body control and keep up with all the internal driving forces, it adds to your dog’s catalyst work and the equilibrium of liquids in their body.

Dried Dates for Dogs

Dried dates are not a good option for dogs. 

Dried dates have far more calories and sugar than fresh ones, so they are a less healthful alternative for dogs. Keeping this in mind, if your dog tries to eat a little piece of dried date, he or she will most likely be alright. However, if a large portion was fed, you should consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Fresh dates are great for your pet dog. 

Fresh dates may have a more difficult exterior than you’re used to. Cut them up into little pieces to avoid choking or abdominal congestion.


Your dog can eat dates and they will likely find this tacky, sweet treat overwhelming. 

Since they are exceptionally sweet, you shouldn’t allow your dog to eat a ton. Instead, just let them chomp one date from time to time.

Dates are an ideal alternative to any dog treats you may be making. Always feed a nutritionally balanced, complete food according to your dog’s age, breed, size, allergies, and ailments.

If your dog begins to show signs of upset stomach, give them plenty of water. It is often better to withhold their food for 24 hours and allow their stomach to settle. Dates in moderation are the best balance!

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