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5 Best Potty Training Bells Reviews in 2023 | For Easy Pooch Training

Potty training or house training your dog has a lot of great benefits. It makes going outside easier and less confusing. With a quality set of potty training bells, you can teach your dog how to let you know when it needs to relieve itself.

There are several types and versions of training bells on the market. This review includes five of the best options, together with some useful information to help you find a great product.

Best Potty Training Bells Reviews

Training your dog is important, and this encompasses dog potty training. There are different product options on the market, so if you are going to succeed, you need the perfect option for your dog.

That’s why we’ve handpicked five of the best potty training bells. In this review, you can learn more about what each bell has to offer and any pros and cons you might want to take into consideration. Now, let’s jump right in!

1. Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells 

The Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells have a gentle jingle and chime. They have great reviews and a high success rate as far as dog training!

You can hang these bells on the handle or doorknob of any handle. The included snap makes this dog product usable regardless of the type of door you have.



Things We Like

  • Great success rate
  •  Easy to use
  • Works with any door handle or knob

Things We Don't Like

  • Extra loud bells compared with other products

Housetraining your dog is so much easier if you have a great set of potty training bells. This product is easy to use and effective at training your dog or puppy to signal you whenever they need to go.

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2. FOLKSMATE Dog Doorbells for Potty Training

These potty training bells are another one of our top picks. They are easy to use, effective, and highly durable. The bells are made out of heavy duty nylon, so your dog won’t be able to chew through them!

The stainless steel bells are very loud and are attached to a black strap. You can make the layout of the strap longer or shorter depending on how big your dog is. With the snap on this product, it’s easy to attach it to any door.

Things We Like

  • Highly durable construction
  • Chew resistant
  • Attractive design
  • Adjustable length to match dog size
  • Can be used with any door knob or handle
  • Responsive customer service

Things We Don't Like

  • There are so many great things we liked about this set of training bells and not much we didn’t like!

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3. Alinana Dog Doorbells

With the Alinana Dog Doorbells, all your dog has to do is touch them softly for them to ring loud enough to be heard from another room. They are simple to train your dog on, which will reduce frustration during the whole process.

You can easily change the belt length of these training bells, which helps make them more versatile to match the size of the dog that you have.


Things We Like

  • 7 extra-large bells
  •  Easy to train with
  •  Adjustable length

Things We Don't Like

  • We didn’t find anything for this section!

The Alinana dog bells are perfect for training your dog in a simple manner. You can use them with any size dog.

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4. JEXCULL Dog Doorbell for Training

The JEXCULL Dog Doorbell for Training is a premium product for house training your dog. It is made from high quality material, including the nylon strap and durable and bite-resistant bell. Dogs will always try to chew their toys, but, with this product, all the components are safe and healthy.

You can also adjust the length of this tool and it comes with seven potty-training doorbells.


Things We Like

  • Adjustable length
  • Premium quality
  • Safe and durable components
  • Can be used with all dog sizes and also with cats

Things We Don't Like

  • We didn’t find anything here.

The JEXCULL dog training bells have everything you might be looking for when it comes to house training your dog of any size.

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5. XIRGS Dog Bell

The final product we have included in this review is the XIRGS Dog Bell. This product includes two pack potty training bells as well as a training whistle. The bells have a clear ring and can be easily pressed by your dog using its paws.

Depending on the size of the dog you are potty training, you might want the training bell belt to be longer or shorter. You can adjust its length between 12 – 15 feet from the ground. Not to mention, the bells are durable and made from heavy duty nylon!

Things We Like

  •  Includes training whistle
  •  Adjustable design
  •  Works on any type of doorknob
  •  Premium quality bells

Things We Don't Like

  • We did not find anything here.

With the XIRGS, it is easy to train your dog. It’s a high quality product that is made of heavy duty material.

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Your Buying Guide for Dog Potty Training Bells

Many people have heard about potty training bells, but if this concept is unfamiliar to you, you’re not out of place. Perhaps you have been missing out on an effective tool in your home and in your relationship with your pup!

The Importance of Potty Training

As a child grows, they need to learn to use the bathroom in your home as a toddler. If you are the parent of a furry friend, it would also be to your advantage to teach potty training to your pup.

When it comes to pets, we aren’t talking about getting your animal to go in a certain container or place necessarily. If your dog spends a lot of time inside the house, you need to train it to go outside to relieve itself. Using various potty training methods, you can get your pet to signal you when it needs to be taken outside.

 Here are some of the advantages of potty training your dog:

  • Keeps the house clean
  • Reduces pet frustration
  • Increases communication and relationship between you and your dog
  • Makes it easy to training your pet about other good disciplines you may need it to follow
  • Prepares your dog to stay with a pet sitter

Practical Guide to Potty Training

The process of potty training your pet might seem a little daunting, even though you are convinced of its importance because of all the benefits. The good news is that it is not as difficult or complicated as it may seem. 

You can train your dog to signal you when it needs to go outside at any age, although experts advise that you start this when they are still a puppy.

There are several ways to potty train your dog. The easiest and most effective ones are as simple as teaching your dog to ring a bell to go outside. To train your pet to do this, you are going to need some time, dog treats, and a good amount of patience.

 Here is a quick rundown of the steps you might need to go through to get your dog trained:

  1. Show your dog the bell or button that you are going to use. Any of the potty training bells we reviewed earlier or your regular house doorbell can work well. Give your dog a treat after this activity.
  2. Each time you have to take your dog out to potty, ring the bell or press the button. Over time, this will help the dog to relate and connect the two activities.
  3. Once the dog has made the bell and potty association, thanks to your consistency, it will ideally start to ring the bell or press the button when it needs to be taken out. Make sure that you always encourage and praise.

There are a few other helpful guidelines that you should be aware of when house training. It can improve your success if you give your dog meals on a schedule so that its going out schedule also regularizes. You might also want to consider training your dog with a crate to start because this allows you to make the association for your puppy even faster.

There are also a few things to watch out for and avoid when house training your dog. For example, you should make sure you don’t use a bell that is too loud, forget to reward your dog when they go, and expect too much progress too soon. 

What to Look for in Dog Training Bells

These are many bells available for housetraining your dogs. Most of them look and perform in much the same way, but, every now and then, you do get some special features and functions.

Quality is essential with this type of product because it will be one that your dog uses often and long-term. There are many individual components on these training bells, and you want them to be strong and durable.

The bells, belts, and snaps are some of the parts on this product. Because dogs are very prone to chewing, biting, and tearing things apart, it is important to have a product that can withstand the biting action of a dog. Besides the long-term use of these bells, you also have to think about the dog’s safety with all of these individual components.

Here is a simplified summary of some of the factors you might want to consider when looking for training bells to use.

  • Durability
  • Adjustable length
  • Ease of attaching product to any door knob
  • Loudness of bells
  • Ease of training and usage


 In case you have more questions about using potty training bells, take a look at our FAQs!

When Should You Start Potty Training Your Dog? 

Experts recommend that you start early. The ideal age is when your puppy is between 12 – 16 weeks.

How Long Does It Take to Fully House Train Your Dog? 

On average, you could be looking at 4 – 6 months. This period can be affected by the type and size of your dog as well as how often it needs to go out each day.

Should I Punish My Dog If It Doesn’t Use the Bell During or After Training?

Positive reinforcement and feedback is much more helpful for your dog’s training and your relationship. We recommend that you avoid punishing or yelling at them in this case, but you should always continue to praise and reward good behavior!

Closing Thoughts

In our search for the best potty training bells, we came across various brands that offer excellent products. Some of the manufacturers that we like most and had the best options in this category include Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co., FOLKSMATE, Alinana, JEXCULL, and XIRGS.

Housetraining your dog can save you the time you would have spent trying to figure out if and when your dog needs to go. Potty training bells are very useful for this, and there are many quality options to pick from.

When you are looking for a good product, it is worth considering where you might want to place it and how you intend to use it. With a bit of patience, you can get your dog potty trained in just a few short months.

Of the five excellent products we reviewed, we particularly like the FOLKSMATE dog training bells. They are premium quality, chew-resistant, and can be used with small or large dogs, thanks to their adjustable size. Get yours today!

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