5 Best Yorkie Sweater Reviews in 2023 | To Keep Your Pooch Warm and Stylish

Yorkshire terriers are cute little pups who make you want to spend all you can to ensure their maximum comfort at all times.

Picking out the best sweater for your Yorkie spans beyond catchy colors and cute sweaters. Finding a sweater that’s the right fit for such small breeds can be quite challenging and truly daunting.

Well, that’s why we’ve come up with a list of the best functional Yorkie sweaters and why you should go for any of them to keep your Yorkie warm and happy. 

While your personal preference and what you want for your Yorkie matter, our tips will certainly help guide and simplify your selection process!

Best Yorkie Sweter Reviews

1. Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes

The Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes is a piece of clothing made in classic style from a soft and comfortable material. Exquisitely made, in a variety of colors and small sizes, it is a cute sweater option to keep your Yorki cozy and cute.

High-quality dirt-resistant fabric means you don’t have to worry as much about stains as you would with a regular dog vest. This easy-to-wash sweater is made from certified dog clothing fabric free of harsh chemicals and impurities.

This sweater is soft enough to provide that extra layer of warmth that your Yorkie needs for the cold season. Yorkies can also wear them for all kinds of events such as indoor or outdoor events, hiking with your dog, or evening strolls.

This quick-drying round neck stretchy sweater comes with a value-for-money assurance. Each sweater is inspected strictly and is sure to be devoid of blemishes or imperfections before it’s sold.

Things We Like

  • Stretchy
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Soft
  • Multi-occasions suitable
  • Easy to Wash
  • Dirt Resistant

Things We Don't Like

  • Not suitable for large dogs

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2. Idepet Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweater

Number 2 on our list is the easy-to-wash and super cute Idepet Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweater. This sweater is not only perfect for chilly weather but for the jingly bells of any Christmas occasion.

Made from a soft woolen material, this sweater is all you need to keep your dog warm and comfortable while looking trendy.

Machine washable, this sweater is available in several medium sizes and would fit perfectly on small to medium dogs. You can also satisfy your color choice since it’s available in 9 different colors.

The exquisite design of a round neck collar and 2 legs design means your pup will get warmed all the way to their furry legs. The sweater is long and stretchy enough to warm up the body while leaving enough space for your Yorkie’s disposable business without getting the sweater wet or messy.

Priced affordably, the interior is sewn from quality material to provide your Yorkie with much-needed fuzzy warmth.

Things We Like

  • Quality fabric
  • Affordable
  • Stretchy
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish

Things We Don't Like

  • Size discrepancy

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3. CHBORLESS Pet Dog Sweater Warm

The CHBORLESS Pet Dog Sweater Warm offers gentle warmth with its design. Made from cotton, this round-neck warm dog sweater is fashioned for all occasions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick evening stroll or a hike up to the mountain or weekend camping, this sweater has got your Yorkie covered!

This cozy sweater is so beautiful that it automatically leaves your Yorkie looking more adorable. Created for small dogs, your Yorkie can fit comfortably into this fleece sweater material without worries of any bruises or tugging.

Available in 12 colors, it’s a perfect sweater for a Yorkie during the cold weather. Designed as a round neck with foot coverage, it’s easy to wear and wash.

This durable vest is thick enough to provide warmth without the fear of the Yorkie bearing extra weight.

Things We Like

  • Cotton
  • Affordable price
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish

Things We Don't Like

  • Hand wash only

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4. KYEESE Dog Sweater Dress

The KYEESE Dog Sweater Dress steals the fashionable dog clothes show by far! This exquisite design of doggie clothing has a convenient leash attachment option for outdoor activities in cold weather. The hemline comes in an elegant and cute ruffled fashion for even extra beauty.

Made from stretchy-acrylic fabric, this dog sweater is super comfortable and makes for an easy fit. Designed specially with small dogs in mind, the fabric on this sweater is certified toxic and harsh chemicals-free.

The classic dog turtleneck pullover design allows for warmth all the way up in a cute fashionable way. The sleeveless design also allows for a quick slip-on and slip-off when required. This design offers one of the best sweater dresses for small female dogs.

This Yorkie clothing is made from high-quality fabric to provide warmth and comfort for small dogs. Not to mention, this sweater is really lightweight and quite stretchy!

This Yorkie clothes brand offers 100% quality assurance on all their dog sweaters and a quick complaint resolution guarantee in the case of complaints or questions.

Things We Like

  • Convenient leash attachment
  • Standout turtleneck pullover design
  • Affordable
  • Stretchy
  • High-quality acrylic fabric
  • Machine washable

Things We Don't Like

  • Size discrepancy
  • Not much leg allowance

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5. Bwealth Small Dog Clothes

The Bwealth Small Dog Clothes collection comes in a simple, yet effective round neck with a feet allowance design. It’s available in a variety of colors and different sizes for small dogs.

The knitted material coat is machine washable. Made from quality and durable soft woolen material, this sweater guarantees comfort and warmth for your Yorkie.

The round-neck design makes it easy to wear and suitable for outdoor activities with your dog. This fashionable functional sweater offers good quality for money.

Machine washable and with warm water means that this sweater requires very minimal care. This woolen sweater is also well-knitted with warmth provision as its primary purpose.

Made from polyacrylonitrile fiber, this dog sweater guarantees comfortability and soft warmth for your Yorkie. This material is also devoid of harmful or toxic chemicals.

Things We Like

  • Machine washable (with similar colors)
  • Affordable
  • Fashionable
  • Easy to wear

Things We Don't Like

  • Tight sleeves
  • Shrinkage after wash
  • Measurement discrepancy

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Tips on Choosing the Best Yorkie Sweater


Material is an important feature to look out for when choosing a classic sweater. While a sweater material might be fashionable and lightweight, it’s useless if it cannot help to regulate a Yorkie’s body temperature during the cold season.

Dog sweaters made from wool, acrylic, or soft cotton are best for Yorkies. They are certified to be able to supply a Yorkie body with the required warmth all the while keeping them comfortable.

Wash Interval

While it’s important to pick out Yorkie clothing made from high-quality fabric, it’s equally important to consider how regularly the sweater will require washing. Over-frequent washing of day-to-day clothing can lead to a loss in quality.


Getting your Yorkie’s measurements right and successfully comparing it against a brand’s measurement chart can be quite the task. It’s advisable to choose a dog sweater .5 – 1 inch ahead for measurement discrepancies. It also helps to check measurement reviews from previous customers.

Sweater Type and Design

While sweaters are a fun and functional fashion accessory for dogs, it’s also important to choose the correct design for your Yorkie.

Designs that are free around the arm and neck ensure easy movement and won’t pose any risk of injuries to your dog.

Avoid designs with bottoms as they’re pointless and of no use. Designs with free bottoms give enough room for your Yorkie to easily relieve themselves without messing up your home or their sweaters.

Dog sweaters don’t need zippers, pearly beads, or cute little buttons. Anything that’s chewable can pose a health hazard to your dog.

How to Measure a Yorkie Correctly

To correctly measure your Yorkie for a piece of clothing, it’s best to measure the important areas. These areas are:

  • Around the neck
  • Distance between the neck and the waist
  • Around the largest part of the chest

Another helpful method is going into a pet accessories store with your dog to choose the best fit.

Why Does My Yorkie Need a Sweater?

Dog clothing has continued to be a sentimental and controversial topic over the years. Some are totally in support of how adorable their pups look in clothing and the extra health benefits of clothing them, while some find the idea to be utterly ridiculous.

While clothing a Yorkshire terrier will probably make them look even more cute and adorable, the need to clothe them spans beyond just fun and sweaters.

To keep your dog warm and cozy during the cold season, it is therefore important that Yorkies are kept warm and comfortable during this period to keep them happy and bubbly.

Yorkshire terriers are a dog breed that requires a sweater during cold or chilly seasons in order to help regulate their body temperature. Though they tend to be covered with a lot of hair at first glance, Yorkshire terriers have a single layer of hair as opposed to the double layer on other breeds. This makes them very susceptible to cold or chilly weather!

They belong to a breed of dogs without an undercoat, it also doesn’t help that their body is covered in long but thin hair that can’t keep out the cold. So part of the way to care for a Yorkie involves keeping them warm.

Whenever the temperature drops to 45 degrees, the Yorkshire terrier will find it hard to regulate its body temperature. It then falls on us as their owners to make sure that they’re supplied with the required warmth without injuries or harmful implications.

Sweaters are really helpful to help keep their body warm and comfortable both indoors and outdoors during the winter season. Sweaters can also be complemented with hair bows, hats, and boots for outdoor trips and events.

Sweaters also help to change their appearance since Yorkshire terriers are naturally a cute and hairy dog breed. A sweater compliments their look and accentuates their adorable and fashionable appearance even more during the colder months.

Sweaters are also helpful in keeping out any dirt and knots from their adorable body hair. The sweater acts as an outer layer between their body and the dust and dirt present in the environment, especially for Yorkies who spend more time outdoors.

How to Care for a Yorkie Sweater

While there are general rules when it comes to cleaning and drying a Yorkie sweater, there are also specific washing and drying instructions for different brands and materials.

Some of the general care methods include:

  • Wash and dry your dog sweater at regular intervals
  • Avoid the use of strong washing chemicals or fabric softeners
  • Always air dry your dog sweater to avoid shrinkage
  • Wash with premium fabric detergent

Final Thoughts

Winter seasons are great and should be enjoyed as such. You do not have to worry about the risk this season poses for your Yorkshire terrier’s warmth and comfort.

But, it is imperative that we take the necessary steps to keep them warm and cozy during this period while enjoying the beauty of the season with their worthy companionship.

Remember the most important reason for a sweater transcends its requirement as a fashion statement. Make sure to pick out the best-fitted or matching sweaters, depending on your choice, made from quality materials to ensure that your Yorkie stays as warm as you do during winter!

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