Are Yorkies Good With Kids

Are Yorkies Good With Kids?

When deciding on a dog there is plenty to think about, especially if you are introducing this pet into a family home. One breed which is looked at fondly is the Yorkshire terrier as they are small, cute, intelligent, and affectionate, and seem a suitable choice.

When it comes to a family home, it is the children who come first in this scenario. Whilst parents want a dog, they will also be thinking about how a dog is with children and if they make a good family companion. So, are Yorkies good with kids?

Are Yorkies Good With Kids?

Although there is much good to say about the Yorkshire Terrier, they are unfortunately not very good with kids. Yorkies are known to be independent and intelligent, so having a flamboyant kid around at all times can cause this dog to become frustrated and snappy.

Just the thought of the Yorkshire Terrier snapping at a child is enough to make any parent avoid this breed, but this shouldn’t be the case. Even though they are not the best dogs to have around children, this is not to say that families cannot own a Yorkie.

Why Are Yorkshire Terriers Not Good With Kids?

Why Are Yorkshire Terriers Not Good With Kids

Yorkshire Terriers are not good with kids because of their personality traits. Despite them being small and cute to us, Yorkies believe they are the equivalent of a big German Shephard.

Yorkshire Terriers see themselves as being in charge and enjoy being independent around the house.

As well as this, they feel a strong bond with their owners and become easily attached. When children are in the picture, however, this can ruin their way of living. Children will be the center of attention, taking that attention away from the Yorkies.

This can lead to jealousy, leading these small dogs to bark and snap at those kids. It is necessary to understand that this is not a personal attack against children in general.

Yorkshire Terriers are naturally inclined to attach themselves to their primary owner and hate it if anything or anyone is to interfere. Children just happen to be the most likely sources to take their owner’s attention away.

Should Families With Children Avoid Getting Yorkies?

Even though Yorkshire Terriers are not always good with kids, this doesn’t mean that families with kids shouldn’t own one.

There are plenty of families out there with this living situation. If this is the case, then it is important to educate your children on the Yorkshire Terrier and encourage them to understand the breed.

By understanding the Yorkshire Terrier breed more, the risk of harm lessens. You can also enroll yourselves and your dog in training classes to train your Yorkie how to behave properly around children.

However, this is more for families who already have a Yorkshire Terrier and are introducing a baby into the household. If you are wanting to home a Yorkie whilst already having children in the house, it would be better for your children to be at least 10 years old.

At this age, your kid will be old enough to be independent and not have to rely on the primary owner (their parent) too much. They will be in school so won’t be in the house all the time, they may have a social life with friends, and they will know how to entertain themselves.

With younger kids, they will need their parents much more with, for example, dressing them, feeding them, and entertaining them.

Allow Your Yorkie And Child To Create A Bond

Allow Your Yorkie And Child To Create A Bond

Above, we have made it clear that it is common for Yorkshire Terriers not to get on with kids. However, this does not mean that all of these dogs are the same. If you own a Yorkshire Terrier and have a child, the best thing to do is to encourage a bond between them.

Your Yorkie will then eventually see them as someone to look up to as well. It is important that your child doesn’t come across as a replacement.

Allowing your child to help is important for the development of their relationship. Your child should not be seen as a threat or as a competition.

There are plenty of ways you can strengthen this bond between your child and your Yorkie:


One thing both your child and your dog will love is petting. Make sure to encourage your child to pet your Yorkie. This is not only fun and educational for your kid but your Yorkie will love the attention.

As well as this, petting is a great way to build trust and a stable relationship.


Something else which a kid and a Yorkshire Terrier will love is playing together. Children are naturally hyper and full of life, so they will have the right amount of energy to keep this active dog entertained.

Fully supervised, encourage your kid to play fun games such as throw and catch. Through playtime, your Yorkie will learn to have a positive view of your child.


Your child can also help you with feeding. Feeding your dog is something that has to be done routinely every day, so it is a good idea to bring your kid into this schedule and help you with the feeding.

Your Yorkshire Terrier will see this and understand that your child is an authority figure who should be respected just like you. This will also help to solidify a bond between the two.


Have your child come and help you walk the dog. Not only is this beneficial for growing a bond, but it will also educate your child in the proper way of walking a dog.

During a walk with a Yorkie, or any breed for that matter, a parent must be there at all times to help and supervise. Start with somewhere small and reasonable such as in the backyard then move on to walking in a public area.

By doing this, your child should feel more in control and comfortable around the Yorkshire Terrier.

Final Thoughts

Owning a Yorkshire Terrier comes with its goods and bads, especially with kids involved, however you shouldn’t have to give up on your pet because of this.

By encouraging a bond between kid and dog, you will find yourself in a happy family household with no issues.

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