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5 Best Brush for Long Haired Dogs Reviews in 2023 | Top Tools for Shedding and Grooming

Being a pet parent to a dog comes with its fair share of perks as well as responsibilities. One of the duties you are going to attend to fairly often is dog grooming. If you have opted to maintain your dog’s coat fairly long, one of the key tools in your grooming arsenal should be the best brush for long-haired dogs.

We’ve come out with five excellent options for you to choose from. You might prefer one or the other based on design, special features, and general utility. Read on to learn more about picking a great hair brush option for your furry friend!

Best Brush for Long-Haired Dogs Reviews

Picking a hairbrush for your long-haired dog isn’t as simple as picking a color or grip you like. These are just two out of many other considerations you should make.

The five hair brushes we have included here all stand out for having great features and functionality. That being said, let’s jump straight into this review!

1. Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The first product on our list of reviewed products is the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. It works to remove matting, tangles, and loose undercoats. You can use this hair brush with any hair type, including thick, fine, curly, or coarse hair.

This metal brush is gentle and will not cause much pain to your dog. It comes in an aqua color, and, as a bonus, you will also receive some free nail clippers. At the click of a button, the slicker brush retracts, allowing it to drop off any hair that has accumulated on it!

Things We Like

  • Convenient self-cleaning capability
  • Suitable for all types of hair textures and thickness
  • Free nail clipper
  • Anti-slip handle for a comfortable grip

Things We Don't Like


This aqua brush has everything we would look for and that’s why we picked it as our best brush for long-haired dogs. It is versatile as far as the type of hair it works on and also has an overall great design and excellent durability!

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2. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush 

The Soft Pet Brush by Hertzko is another good hairbrush worth considering. It can be used with small and large dogs alike to remove loose undercoat, detangle long hair, and eliminate any trapped dirt. It comes in a purple color and is made of plastic.

This brush is suitable for use with all hair types. The bristles on this brush have rounded ends, which means that even if your dog has sensitive skin, there won’t be any damage or scratching.

Things We Like

  • Soft bristles specially designed for sensitive skin
  • Massages the skin
  • Suitable for use with all hair lengths and types
  • Strong and durable
  • Anti-slip handle for a comfortable grip

Things We Don't Like


There wasn’t much that we didn’t absolutely love about this hair brush. It offers all the versatility, durability, and comfort you would want in a grooming brush.

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3. GM Pet Supplies Self Cleaning Slicker Brush 

Another great brush for dog grooming and shedding is the GM Pet Supplies Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. This purple brush is made from wool and is suitable for smooth, curly, wool, and other hair types. It can also be used for both short and long dog hair!

This is a self-cleaning brush that allows you to remove hair from the bristles at the push of a button. The design of the brush is made for a pleasant and comfortable experience for both you and your dog.

Things We Like

  • Self-cleaning capability
  • Can be used with all hair types and lengths
  • Highly massaging
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Thumb rest included for added control and comfort

Things We Don't Like


This brush from GM Pet Supplies offers a lot, and we didn’t find anything to fault. It works on all kinds of hair and makes sure that both the groomer and the groomed dog can truly enjoy superior comfort.

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4. Poodle Pet Round Bristle Pet Brush for Dogs and Cats 

We picked the Poodle Pet Round Bristle Pet Brush for Dogs and Cats as an excellent brush for long-haired dogs. It detangles all kinds of hair and removes undercoat, dirt, and dander. Not to mention, it is particularly soft and sensitive on the skin and increases blood circulation with its massaging action!

This brush is purple and made from both plastic and rubber. With the thumb rest, it is easy to get a secure grip on the brush. The bristles on this brush are also very soft and sturdy.

Things We Like

  • Rounded bristle edges for sensitive skin
  • Hanger hole for easy storage
  • Versatile for all types of dog and cat hair
  • Thumb rest

Things We Don't Like

  • No self-cleaning button or capability

This brush can be used with all kinds of dog hair. This is a great product because it is sensitive to the dog’s skin and is designed to make you comfortable when grooming your pet.

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5. WOPQAEM Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

The fifth product on this dog hair brush review is the WOPQAEM Self cleaning Slicker Brush. It is an excellent tool for shedding and grooming all long-haired breeds, and, as with the other brushes, it works with all hair lengths and types as well. You can also use it with cats and rabbits.

This brush is aqua green-colored and is made from plastic, metal, and rubber. You can use and clean this brush very easily. If your pet sheds a lot of hair, then this slicker brush will remove up to 95% of the loose hair.

Things We Like

  • Plastic tips for dog comfort
  • Excellence undercoat removal at 95%
  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile

Things We Don't Like

  • No self-cleaning capability

This slicker brush will be useful if you want to groom your long-haired dog without hurting its skin or making yourself uncomfortable. It is effective and very versatile for all hair types.

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Dog Hair Brush Buying Guide

We’ve put together this buying guide to give you more information on finding the best brush for long-haired dogs. If you already have made the decision to maintain your dog’s hair, you won’t be unfamiliar with the care requirements.

We are going to cover regular grooming requirements for long-haired dogs and some helpful tips to get you a high-quality brush.

Deciding to Maintain Long Dog Hair

We are going to be giving you a few tips on how to go about maintaining your dog’s long hair. If you have already made the decision to do so and have been at it for some time, you most probably have some good reasons for this.

Here are some of the typical reasons why dog owners opt for long hair for their dogs:

  • Some dog breeds are typically kept with long hair
  • Long hair on a dog is elegant and attractive
  • There’s more you can do to adorn a long-haired dog (bows, ribbons, possibly curls)
  • A long fur coat offers additional warmth and protection, especially during the cold season

With that being said, you should always make the time to give your dog enough time for grooming.

Grooming Requirements for Long-haired Dogs

Grooming a long-haired dog is not as daunting as it seems. All you need is a good routine, some good hair products, and your pick for the best brush for long-haired dogs.

Some of the dog breeds that are popular options for long hair include Shih Tzus, Malteses, and Terriers. They look amazing when their hair is taken care of, but, if you skip a few grooming sessions, the hair can tangle quite easily.

You have the option of doing most of the grooming yourself, but you can always visit some professional dog groomers if you start to get overwhelmed. Whichever approach you take, the two most important hair care activities are bathing your dog and brushing its hair!

It’s critical to wash your dog’s hair regularly with shampoo to remove dirt and debris. When it comes to hair-brushing, you need daily brushing with a good-quality dog brush. It is also important that you regularly trim some of your dog’s fur to keep it at a manageable and attractive length.

Tips for Picking Your Dog’s Next Hair Brush

Different dogs have different types of hair. Some dogs have curly hair, while others have straight and silky manes. Dog hair also varies as far as thickness, shedding behavior, and the likelihood of tangling.

When you’re looking for the best brush for long-haired dogs, here are some of the things you should know and look out for:

  • Strength and durability to deal with long and matted hair
  • Comfortable grip for your hand
  • Appropriate bristle spacing on the brush
  • The right length, size, and stiffness of the bristles

The longer the hair of your dog, the longer the bristles of your brush should be. You need to brush that is strong enough to tackle tough, long, and matted hair.

Grooming isn’t always comfortable, particularly if it has been neglected for some time. That being said, you still want to aim for a hairbrush that inflicts the least amount of pain onto your dog and leads to minimal hair loss.

With so many types of dog hair brushes available, it’s important to understand what each one does and which one will suit your needs best.


Here are a few answers to other questions you might have about long-haired dogs, the right brushes, and the appropriate grooming needs.

What Are Some of the Different Types of Hair Brushes for Dogs?

These include a bristle brush, a pin brush, and an undercoat rake for removing dead and loose hair. Each of these is unique and has a specific use!

How Can You Avoid Injuring Your Dog’s Skin While Grooming It?

Besides brushing gently, you should look for a brush with rounded bristle tips. This prevents scratching and also massages the skin.

What Is the Best Type of Brush for Deshedding a Dog with Long Hair?

Most combs and brushes can do some amount of deshedding, but your best bet is a slicker brush. This has fine metal bristles and is also effective at detangling long, dense hair.

How Often Should I Brush My Dog’s Long Hair?

Grooming is best done regularly and with a set routine. At least a few times a week is ideal to prevent tangling and make the task less daunting.

What Is the Benefit of a Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush?

These types of brushes have retractable bristles, so, when you press the self-cleaning button, you can eliminate dead hair and clean the brush simultaneously!

Wrap Up

There are many kinds of brushes out there for pet use, but they don’t all perform as you would hope. Many of these are uncomfortable to grip, easy to break, and painful for the animals that have their hair combed with them.

Thankfully, there are so many brands that offer high-quality hair brushes that you can use on your long-haired canine. Some examples of these are the brands we reviewed and a few others. These include Ruff ‘N Ruffus, Hertzko, GM Pet Supplies, Poodle Pet, and WOPQAEM.

Pet grooming can be a lot of fun if you have the right tools with you. This includes having the best brush for long-haired dogs. We picked five of the top brush recommendations if you have a dog with a longer-than-average coat type.

When you are shopping for a new grooming brush for your dog, you should consider its hair type, size shedding behavior, and sensitivity.

Our top pick was the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. We love its versatility and self-cleaning feature. Finding the right brush for your dog is essential, so if this brush is one you want to try out, you can easily purchase it online!

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