All You Need to Know About a Corgi Sploot

All You Need to Know About a Corgi Sploot

You might have noticed that your dog lies flat on its tummy while spreading its hind legs behind it. This behavior is often associated with the corgi breed and is known as the corgi sploot. However, it is not restricted to them alone, and there are some other dog breeds that do it.

Have ever you wondered why your dog assumes that position? This guide focusing on addressing what splooting is, why corgi dogs are more commonly known for splooting, and the different versions of splooting.

What is a Dog Sploot?

A sploot is a position done by dogs (and sometimes cats) when they are lying down. It involves them tucking their legs underneath them and lying on their tummies with their hind legs stretched out behind them.

Your dog might take on different cute variations of this position by either using one instead of both hind legs or stretching out their hind legs while they are lying on their side.

Is Splooting for Corgis Only?

As much as splootingis popularly credited to the corgi breed, it is seen in other dog breeds too, many of which perform either a half sploot or a full sploot. This adorable posture might seem uncomfortable, but some dogs love it. Apart from Corgis, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Poodles, and Labradoodles can all be splooters too.

Why Do Corgis Sploot?

It is widely known that corgis sploot more when they are very young compared to when they are adults. This is because their muscles are more flexible when they’re younger. Because of their flexibility at this phase, they can maneuver their hips and joints easily into a sploot.

All You Need to Know About a Corgi Sploot

Below are some reasons a corgi sploots:


One major reason why corgis splootis comfort. The splooting position allows a corgi to be in a relaxed mode. Similar to how some humans love to sleep sideways, some dogs love to sleep in a sploot.

Body Temperature

Another reason corgis sploot is to regulate their body temperature. You might have noticed that your dog loves to lie on uncovered floors or tiles. This is because their body heats up, and the splooting position can help cool them down.


Hip dysplasia is common in corgi breed and can be compared to arthritis in humans. It causes tension and pressure on the hips. Hence, corgis enjoy the sploot as it relieves some of the aches and pains in their hips.

In the same way that humans need to stretch out tight muscles, corgis perform a sploot to relieve the tightness in their body. It has also been documented that this exercise helps make their hip flexors stronger.


Corgis and other dogs are quite smart. They know that the sploot gets a reaction out of their beloved owners, so they do it to get your attention. Not many people can resist the adorableness of a sploot, so they tend to give their corgis some extra love when they see them in the sploot position.

Sploot Versions

There is not only one way to sploot. Your might find that your corgi does a different version of the position compared to other breeds. Do not forget that all dog breeds are built differently, so don’t push your dog to sploot in a way that might be uncomfortable for them.

Below are the various documented versions of the sploot.

Full or Pancake Sploot

This is regarded as the most common sploot. Here, your dog lies out flat in a pancake manner with its long hair and stretches out with its tummy on the floor while sticking its booty in the air. This is the classic sploot that people find incredibly charming and adorable.

Classic or Half Sploot

This style is characterized by one leg being tucked in while the other is fully stretched out in the back. For many dogs, it’s much easier to go into a half sploot than the full splooting position.

Side Sploot

The only difference between this version and the pancake version is that your dog is lying on its side. Most dogs don’t lie completely on one side of their body, instead opting to lazily roll a bit onto one side.

Upside Down or Reverse Sploot

Just like it sounds, corgis lie upside down in a manner that almost looks like they’re playing dead.

Should Dogs Sploot?

There’s no issue at all with a dog splooting. When your dog sploots, it simply means your dog is comfortable in that position. Most dogs are not flexible enough to sploot, while some can only sploot when they’re younger and more flexible and can no longer sploot as they get older. For example, Shibas are completely incapable of splooting because of their bone structure, while other breeds who could be capable of splooting simply don’t have the instinct to do so.

Nonetheless, you need to pay special attention to your dog if it displays signs of change. For example, if your dog suddenly starts splooting when it has never splooted before, you may need to consult a veterinary doctor.

The Popularity of the Corgi Sploot

Social media has made corgi sploots extremely popular with cute pictures of corgis in different positions scattered all over the internet. Note that splooting is not for small dogs alone — large and medium-sized dogs also sploot.


The corgi sploot is an adorable scene for us to behold, but for them it’s just a unique way to relax. If you want your dog to sploot but it won’t, don’t force it. Many breeds are incapable of splooting or simply choose not to because it is not comfortable.

If your dog does sploot, have fun taking cute pictures while they happily relax in their favorite position!

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