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Are Pugs Smart?

Pugs are cute little dogs that are known for their social behavior and determination to get what they want.

They are also very loyal companions and enjoy the affection and play they receive from their owners.

While some pug owners swear that their pug is highly intelligent, others say that their pet is more focused on food.

We find out whether pugs are really smart, and what makes a dog smart.

How Is Intelligence In Dogs Measured?

Intelligence in dogs can be measured by how well they learn. There are many ways to measure this. One way is through tests like the Canine Intelligence Test (CIT).

The CIT measures the ability of the dog to understand commands and solve problems.

Another test used to measure intelligence is called the Dog’s Behavior Assessment Tool (DBAT). It assesses the behavior of the dog.

These tests measure the dog’s obedience which is closely linked to his intelligence and how quickly he can learn.

If a dog is a quick learner and is obedient, then he is classed as intelligent.

Are Pugs Intelligent?

Dog psychologist Stanley Coren managed a number of obedience trials that measured the intelligence of canines, including pugs.

As per his study, pugs are the 108th most intelligent dog breed. This is well below average.

This may be surprising to some pet owners who are convinced that their pug is smart. One reason for this judgment is the nature of the study.

Coren’s trials are all about obedience, so when your pug listens to a command. So what happens if a dog just has his own head, and simply doesn’t want to listen?

The study doesn’t take the character of a dog into account, and pug owners have often observed how headstrong their furry companion can be.

Another issue with these obedience trials and studies is that the dogs need to obey a stranger, and not every animal does this.

They are tuned into their favorite human and listen to him because he has a connection with them.

Good Reasons Why Pugs Are Smart

Although pugs did not get high up on the ladder for obedience, they are still smart in many other ways.

Pugs aren’t usually obviously smart, like border collies who have been bred to obey their owner mainly to herd sheep.

Pugs are driven by very different motivations when you want them to listen to you. Here are our best reasons why pugs are smart.

Pugs Are Born Companions

Pugs are truly social animals, and they are true companions. They love to play and interact with people. They are happy to do this around strangers or friends. It is even possible for pugs and cats to coexist peacefully.

Just like collies were bred to hunt and retrieve, pugs were bred to be lapdogs and entertain their human.

When you introduce a pug to someone, he will immediately start playing with them. As soon as he sees that person, he will come running over to greet them. More importantly, pugs are not known for being particularly aggressive.

Pugs Know How To Communicate

Of course, we don’t mean that your pug will suddenly start talking, but they have learned to communicate with friends and strangers in their own way.

They can learn the usual dog commands and often convey their emotions. Most pug owners look into their pet’s eyes, and they know what he feels.

This is a special, emotional intelligence that is not natural to every dog breed.

Pugs Learn By Themselves

While it is important to train your pug to obey your commands, it is also important to teach him to work out things for himself.

Pugs love this kind of challenge, as they have a great amount of this adaptive intelligence.

How Can You Motivate Your Pug

With dogs, it is all about motivation, and when you find the right soft spot that gets them to do what you want them to do, then you are in control.

This is particularly true with headstrong pugs. As they have learned to read human emotions so well, they can often easily see through us.

Do Corgis Bark A Lot

This means tricking them into listening to us is much more difficult than with some other dog breeds.

Finding the right motivation can vary with the dog breed and the individual dog.


You should always reward your pug for obeying your commands. The more you praise him, the more he will want to please you.

You must make sure that you give positive reinforcement rather than punishment. 

Food is typically a great motivator for pugs, so giving him treats when he has done something right, is a great way to get him to listen to commands.

Mental Stimulation

If you want your pug to learn something new and challenge him, you should try to keep his mind stimulated.

This could be done by giving him mental challenges such as puzzles and games.


The most effective way to keep your pug happy is to spend time with him doing some obedience training and using rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Train A Pug?

It depends on how hard you want to train your pug. You won’t need formal training if you want to take him for walks and go to the park.

However, if you want to train your dog to sit, stay, down, and come, then you will need to make sure that you have a good training program.

Are Pugs Loyal?

Yes, pugs are loyal dogs. They generally follow their owner everywhere.

Most pugs are very friendly towards strangers and even children. This is because they enjoy being with people, and they love interacting with them.

What Is The Smartest Dog Breed?

Border Collies and Poodles have been proven to be the smartest dog breeds in obedience trials.


Pugs may not be intelligent dogs, but they love to play and interact with humans. They are affectionate and playful animals.

Their loyalty makes them perfect family pets. However, pugs require a lot of attention and care from their owners because they are headstrong animals.

Still, if you are looking for an easy-going companion who loves to play and cuddle, you should consider getting a pug.

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