Are Shih Tzus Good With Kids?

Are Shih Tzus Good With Kids?

When it comes to getting a pet for the family home, it will always be important to ensure that you are choosing the right pet for your home. This will mean avoiding any breeds that are likely to not get on well with kids.

Certain breeds are advised to be avoided so that you can avoid any unfortunate accidents with snapping or biting. This will especially be the case with younger children who may not understand when a dog doesn’t want to play.

Shih Tzus are known for not being the smartest dogs but are very loving and caring companions. But what about when it comes to a family setting? Are Shih Tzus good with kids?

This is the question that we are going to answer for you today and cover in extensive detail so that you can work out whether a Shih Tzus will be the perfect companion for your family.

So let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Shih Tzus as family pets!

Are Shih Tzus Safe For Kids?

The short answer is that yes, Shih Tzus are safe for kids, providing that the dog has been properly socialized. It will also be important for your kids to understand how to treat your dog, and that they aren’t a toy.

Socializing your dog will be essential, as it will prevent them from displaying potentially dangerous behavior in the event they feel threatened or territorial.

So if you have opted for a Shih Tzu puppy, you will need to ensure that you socialize them with other dogs at puppy classes, as well as with other people in a calm situation. This will show your Shih Tzu puppy how they are expected to behave.

This dog training will be crucial for any breed so that you can ensure that they will be suitable family pets.

It’s also essential to note that any dog will defend itself if they want some space. Dogs aren’t like us humans. Even though we have a habit of attaching human emotions to an animal, they don’t think about things or feel things the same way that we do.

Whereas we love cuddles, sometimes your pet will want a bit of space. So if a small child is constantly invading their space when they want to be left alone, it’s perfectly understandable that a dog would snap a warning to keep them away.

This is where educating your children will be just as important as socializing your pet. This will be true for any dog regardless of the breed. It will be down to you to show your children how to correctly pet your pet, gently, and without being too rough.

So as long as your Shih Tzu has been socialized properly, and your children have been taught how to respect the animal that you are welcoming into your home, this dog breed is perfectly safe for kids. Either way, it will be essential to never leave a small child unsupervised with your pet.

Do Shih Tzus Make Good Family Pets?

Yes, Shih Tzus can make good family dogs, providing that they have been socialized properly. This socializing aspect will be crucial for ensuring that your new pet knows how to interact with other people and animals in the home.

Your puppy can only be properly socialized if they have been left with its mother and the rest of its litter for the first couple of months. You may also wish to take them to puppy classes if you want to ensure that they have been socialized properly.

are shih tzus good with kids

Your Shih Tzu will also only be able to make a good family pet if the rest of your family knows how to treat them with respect. This will be especially the case for younger children who might not be able to read a dog’s body language as well as adults or older children can.

As long as everyone treats your new Shih Tzu with respect, they will be the perfect fit for your home.

Do Shih Tzus Bite Kids?

It’s important to understand that any dog will bite if their warning signals are ignored. The body language between dogs is very subtle, and when these subtle signs are ignored, things can start to escalate.

If your dog has made a clear show of wanting to get away from any curious children, this shouldn’t be ignored. The dog will then start to display other warning signs such as baring their teeth, growling, barking, and eventually, it will start to nip at any appendages that are repeatedly trying to touch them such as curious hands.

So as long as your kids have been taught when your Shih Tzu needs to have a little more space, then you shouldn’t have to worry about them biting your children. Similarly, you should never leave a pet alone with a young child unsupervised.

Biting won’t be exclusive to any breed. Any dog that is provoked will bite as a warning to be left alone. It will be important to teach your children to respect your Shih Tzu and to read their body language to avoid any unwanted incidents.

In Summary

So there you have it! Shih Tzus will be perfectly safe for kids as long as they have been socialized properly as a puppy. This is basically the action of introducing your puppy to other dogs and people and showing them how to interact safely.

It will also be crucial to educate your children as to how they should treat a family pet gently, not roughly, and be able to read the dog’s body language to see when they need a bit of space.

Once your Shih Tzu has been socialized properly and your children have been taught to treat your family pet with respect, there’s nothing to stop you from choosing this breed as your next family pet.

Shih Tzus are a highly affectionate breed that will return your affection in spades. Shih Tzus are also great dogs for people who want a dog but suffer from allergies.

It will be important to remember to never leave your kids alone with any dog, just in case your children are a little too curious to read the body language of the animal.

As long as you make sure to take precautions and educate your children as to how they should treat your pet, a Shih Tzu will be a perfectly wonderful family pet

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