why are chihuahuas so aggressive

Why Are Chihuahuas So Aggressive?

You probably saw a Chihuahua at least once. They are cute little dogs, sometimes pretty gloomy, yet known for their faithfulness and calm attitude. They are little and ideal city pets. 

These tiny creatures are notoriously coarse and aggressive. They may behave in a manner that could be detrimental to other people. They also require special care, but they are flexible as long as they receive plenty of quality time on their favorite lap.  

This dog breed is quite protective of their space, and they can sometimes display aggressive and rude behavior. Caring for them properly and raising them in a friendly environment can settle their hostile attitude toward others.

Reason Behind the Aggressiveness of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are small dogs with fiery personalities, but they can be very rude and overprotective of their own space. There are several reasons behind their aggressive behavior:

Difficulty in Adjusting in a New Place

First of all, each time they are adopted by someone, they take some time to set up in a new place. Getting familiar with the owner and adapting to a new environment can be a daunting task for them.

They Do Not Feel Welcome

It is possible that they do not feel welcome when they are in a new place for the first time. Once they are used to their new surroundings, they develop a bond and a feeling of attachment with their owner and place. They will adjust in a short span of time when treated with love and care.

Chihuahuas are Protective About Their Spaces

So what leads them to behave in such a rough manner even after being in a place for long?

Little Chihuahuas are easily offended when somebody tries to disrupt their peace, food, and place. In other cases, feeling attached to the owner may be another reason for Chihuahuas to attack others every time someone approaches them.

Lack of Training

This delicate but ill-tempered creature is not easy to handle. Sometimes, it can be the pet owner who has not been able to train a dog perfectly. Training Chihuahuas is no small feat, as it requires a great deal of patience and training.

Being a professional dog trainer will play an enormous role in getting your dog attached to you. In addition, a good connection between the owner and the pet is necessary, especially for Chihuahuas, as it helps them develop a sense of attachment.

The Aggressiveness of Chihuahuas Can Be Genetic 

Aside from what was mentioned above, the aggressiveness and arrogance of Chihuahuas can be a genetic trait. It is generally said that short dogs are aggressive and may often behave rudely.

Dogs like Chihuahuas are on the defensive as they seek protection from warning signals. Whenever someone tries to tease them, they attack them and occasionally bite them too.

Pain Can Be a Reason Behind Their Rudeness

Sometimes, the health problem is a major reason behind their aggressive and defensive behavior. These dogs are quite sensitive, so taking them to new places and too much socialization may affect their health. Physical pain can also lead them to ill-mannered behavior.

How Can You Help Your Chihuahua to Stay Calm?

Now, the question is how you can teach your dog to stay calm. There are several things that you can try if your Chihuahua is not getting along with you in a friendly manner.

Give Them Proper Attention

Some Chihuahuas are sad because of their surroundings. Owners do not pay much attention to them, which can create a gap between the pet and the owner himself. To give your pet proper attention take a Chihuahua for a walk or a swim, feed them on time, bathe your dogs and take good care of their hygiene.

Take Your Chihuahua to a Veterinarian

We are well aware that animals are unable to speak but their behavior can help us understand them better. If you notice a change in your Chihuahua’s behavior, then it can be due to some other dog’s medical issues.

When you cannot figure out what is happening with your dog, just take him/her to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Consulting with a veterinarian will help you understand the reason behind your dog’s aggressive behavior.

Teach Them to Socialize

Most Chihuahuas are little when adopted, and this is a golden chance for you to train Chihuahuas well and teach them a lot of new things with basic obedience commands. 

Teaching them to socialize is extremely important, as this is how they get familiar with their surroundings and new people. Otherwise, they will stay in a limited space with just a few people, which will become a bad thing for them and the owner in the future. 

Spend some time out and teach your Chihuahua how to interact with different people.

Feed Them Well

Food is necessary to live a comfortable and happy life. Animals live in peace when they are full, so always remember to feed your little dogs on time. 

Eating on time will help your Chihuahua stay healthy and fit. Lack of proper eating will turn your little Chihuahuas into aggressive creatures.


Chihuahuas are not impolite dogs, but several factors make Chihuahuas behave the way they do. Every time you see a Chihuahua, do not assume they are aggressive by nature. Let us not forget that certain things are responsible for their bad behavior.

Dealing with them with kindness and love can change Chihuahuas’ temperament, and they can adjust their attitude accordingly. Furthermore, never assume that Chihuahuas are arrogant or aggressive. Be kind to them and help them adapt to the new environment.

Treating your pets with love can help you build a positive relationship with them and, with time, become good friends. So, be kind!

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